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View the banknotes !

Pick Number - This view consists of a single page of 'thumbnails' in Pick numerical order. Click the thumbnail for an enlarged view of the obverse and reverse.

Issuing Bank  -  This view displays banknotes grouped by series and their  bank of issue.  Notes are individually displayed along with their specifications  and historic details

Fractional  - This view displays the notes that Israel in its early history used to combat a coin shortage. Later series often contained a note(s) of denomination less than 1 and they are included for completeness of this section.

Error Notes  - This view displays some of the error notes that have surfaced over the years.

Special Issues  - This view displays Souvenir Cards, Folders, Notes with Special Markings, Uncut sheets, and Sets of Banknotes bearing the same serial number.

Specimen Notes - sample notes released to banks, money changers etc,  for "educational" purposes,  just prior to the release of a new series. They are printed with the same equipment as the real item, and usually carry a serial number of 00000. These notes are not legal tender. They are usually overprinted or perforated with the word "SPECIMEN" in the language of the issuing country.

Printers' Proofs - notes printed from the actual plates intended for the real item. They serve as samples for archival or sales purposes.

Unissued Notes - Notes that were printed and ready for issue by the Bank - but never were.


Private Issues