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Denomination 50 Lirot

Size: 178 x 93 mm.

Dominant Color: Brown.

Obverse: Two young pioneers against a background of an agricultural settlement in the Negev; the denomination "Fifty Israeli Pounds" and "Bank of Israel" in Hebrew.

Reverse: Candelabrum from the ancient synagogue of Nirim in the Negev; "Bank of Israel" in Hebrew, English and Arabic.

Watermark: The faces of the pioneers.

Security Thread: In the middle of the note.

Color of Numbering:
Black. -Pick33azz
Red (February 1965); -Pick33b
Blue (December 1966); -Pick33c
Green (May 1967); -Pick33d
Brown (September 1969).-Pick33e

Governor of the Bank David Horowitz
Chairman of the Advisory Council J.E. Nebenzahl.

Design: Shamir Brothers, Jacob Zim.

Printer: TdLR (w/o Imprint)

Note Dated: 1960 / 5720

Date of Issue: December 9, 1960.

Bank of  Issue: Bank of Israel

Series:  2nd Pound Series

Demonetized: March 31, 1984.

Pick Number: P-033

Note: Starting from the 1966 reprint (Pick 33c), the security thread in the middle was moved to the left and replaced by a morse code signifying "Am Israel Hai" ("The people of Israel live on").