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5000 Sheqalim
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Denomination: 5000 Sheqalim

Size: 138 x 76 mm.

Dominant Color: Blue

Obverse: Portrait of Levi Eshkol; a panorama of united Jerusalem; the denomination "Five Thousand Sheqalim" and "Bank of Israel" in Hebrew

Reverse: Pipe carrying water, symbolizing Eshkol's enterprise, against a background of meadow and barren land: the denomination "5000 Sheqalim" and "Bank of Israel" in Arabic and English

Watermark: Portrait of Levi Eshkol.

Security Thread: In the middle of the note.

Look-Through: A geometric pattern on the front merges with a pattern on the back to form a Star of David when held against the light

Sign for the Blind: A square in the upper right-hand corner of the front

Color of Numbering: Black

Governor of the Bank Moshe Mandelbaum
Chairman of the Advisory Council Avraham Shapira

Design: Jacob Zim

Printer: JEZ (w/o Imprint)

Note Dated: 1984 / 5744

Date of Issue: August 9, 1984

Issuing Bank: Bank of Israel

Series: Sheqel Series

Demonetized: September 4, 1986

Pick Number: P-050