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TdlR Printers' Proof

It is known by most collectors of Israel banknotes that the 1st issue of banknotes when the State of Israel was formed in 1948 was designed and printed by the American Bank Note Co. (ABNC). Lesser known is that there were several proposals from potential suppliers to provide these 1st banknotes.

This is believed to be a very rare Anglo-Palestine Bank Proof. The note is an non issued Thomas De La Rue 5 Pound front proof. It is actually an engraving paste-ups and hand printed,

It is an interesting note. The scan donor relates states that he has been informed that the Bank Leumi's museum in the past had two copies of this proof note. Several years ago one of the notes disappeared and no one knows where it is. A similar proof note appeared in an auction at the 2003 Memphis Paper Money show. There is no evidence that the note in the auction is the one missing from the museum. Hmmm!

TdlR 5 Lirot proof