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The 12 Tribes of Israel

Jacob fathered 12 sons. They are the ancestors of the tribes of Israel, and the ones for whom the tribes are named. Each occupied a separate territory (except the tribe of Levi, which was set apart to serve in the Holy Temple).

The Eastern Tribes

The Western Tribes


Ephraim *


Manasseh *



* Sons of Joseph

The Southern Tribes

The Northern Tribes








"Give Him the Name YAHshua"

YAHveh, the Holy One of Israel, became flesh and blood and dwelt on earth to bring salvation to Israel and all Gentiles later to be joined with her. In Hebrew, the word for The salvation or saves is SHUA. That is why the angel told Joseph, "she will bear a Son; and you shall call His name YahSHUA, for it is He who will save His people from their sins" (Mt 1:21). ...

When Messiah was first named by the angel, and later given that name at His circumcision, a Greek name would have never been permitted. Jews were vitally concerned with pedigrees. According to Jewish biblical tradition, the name of the offspring was always given with the name of the father. It was completely unacceptable for a Jew to take a Gentile name. ...

Using YAHshua's true name brings glory to the name of YAHveh the Father.


Be Holy Because I Am Holy

The Most High has always purposed to have a holy priesthood who could stand in His presence and bring His glory to a lost world. Initially He performed mighty acts of deliverance on behalf of Israel to create a kingdom of priests and a holy nation. Israel fell short by neglecting YAHveh's holy requirements. In order to fulfill the desires of His heart, YAHveh sent His Son to redeem both Jews and Gentiles to become His eternal holy priesthood.

YAHveh is very specific about the religious requirements of this priesthood. He is raising up a remnant, a "Zadok priesthood," that is distinctly unique from the ranks of professing believers. Zadok means "righteous."


The Serpent Trail Begins

Anti-Semitism is an ancient hostility toward the Jewish people and their God, YAHveh. In order to understand the essence of the hatred and persistent warfare against Israel, a brief history of anti-Semitism is needed. The battle between God's people and Satan has raged since the Garden of Eden; it has left a bloody trail throughout biblical and world history. The Serpent will continue to spew his anti-Semitic venom until the Messiah crushes him and all of Israel's enemies under His holy, vengeful feet.


Do You Know What Hurts Me?

The purpose of the next three chapters is to expose Satan's strategies and lies, many of which have become imbedded in the doctrines and traditions of corporate Christianity. It is important to note that these chapters are not intended as an indictment against any individual, race, or religious group.

For almost two thousand years, Messiah's blood has been trampled as His brethren, the Jews, have been persecuted, tortured, driven out of countries, and killed in the name of Jesus Christ. Many Christians have believed the lie that the Jews were "Christ- killers." Consequently, much of Israel's history has been written in the blood of YAHshua's slaughtered brethren.


Heirs Together With Israel

First century Jewish believers were confronted with a perplexing issue concerning the Gentiles-"was salvation solely for the Jews or was it to include the alien Gentiles?" The apostle Paul was the divinely appointed ambassador to the Gentiles. His mission was to bring them the awesome salvation of YAHshua, the Hebrew Messiah and to instruct them further regarding vital issues pertaining specifically to them as Gentiles within the messianic body. ...

Paul's powerful admonitions to the Gentiles in Ephesians 2-3 and Roman 9-11 were written to destroy latent anti-Jewish attitudes. Unfortunately, these are the very Scriptures the Adversary has attempted to eradicate from Christian theology. The church's ignorance of these scriptural safeguards has allowed the perpetuation of many distorted doctrines and unbiblical attitudes toward Israel.


What is His Name?

The prophet Joel proclaims: "whoever calls on THE NAME of THE LORD Will be delivered, ..." (Joel 2:32). Proverbs asks a vital question which is foundational to this book: "Who has ascended into heaven and descended? ... Who has established all the ends of the earth? WHAT IS HIS NAME OR HIS SON'S NAME? SURELY YOU KNOW!" (Pr 30:4). Do you know? Is the Creator's name God or LORD? Perhaps Jehovah? ...

The more important question is, "What is the Name of YOUR God-the one you call Lord?" The Creator of heaven and earth has an incomparable and sacred name which He will not share with other gods-for He will give His Glory to no other (see Isa 42:8).


Messiah Fulfills Holy Hebrew Feasts

What is commonly known to the Gentiles as the "Last Supper" was a Passover Seder (the ceremonial evening meal with which Passover begins). Messiah and His twelve disciples, being devout Jews, partook of this memorial dinner directly before He gave His life as the Lamb of God for the forgiveness of our sins.

According to YAHveh's infinite mercy and sovereign plan, YAHshua was crucified as the perfect Passover Lamb. In Jerusalem, at the same time that the multitudes of Jews were sacrificing their "spotless male lambs" (see Ex 12:3-7), YAHshua died as our sacrifice. For those who accept Him, His blood covers the door posts of their hearts and protects them from the angel of eternal death (see Ex 12:12).


YAHshua, in the last paragraphs of the Scripture, is admonishing that a remnant must wash their robes in His blood of all that defiles including anti-Semitic attitudes (in the Gentiles), and anti-Messiah attitudes (in the Jews). Gentiles cannot go through the twelve gates of Israel (Rev 21:12) bearing anti-Semitism in their hearts, for hypocrisy and disobedience will keep them from entering those memorial gates. Likewise the Jews must humbly receive and reverence their Messiah with uncompromised obedience in order to go through their tribal gates into the eternal Promised Land. As YAHshua said, "Behold, I am coming quickly," both Jews and Gentiles must consecrate themselves to become holy priests who can stand in His eternal presence.

Many truths have been revealed and magnified. May both Jew and Gentile hearken to YAHshua who gave His life that they might live in the New YAHrusalayim united as one new man before YAHveh the King of Glory.


The Holy One of Israel is bringing forth His eternal "plumb line" of truth. He wants His children to see how crooked their ways have become as they personally and corporately have veered from and compromised His truths. ...

The Spirit of Truth is speaking to our generation, saying that while we have labored to build our churches, synagogues, religious programs, homes, and personal wealth, we have neglected His holy house. God's plumb line, which He uses to evaluate the faulty foundations we have built, is revealing crooked places. ...

The Great Architect is measuring the hearts of men and women, as well as every religious agenda, according to His eternal standard. He WILL have a holy remnant.


John the revelator, who had witnessed the onset of the age of grace, was given a panoramic vision of its cataclysmic end. ...

The age of grace and mercy through which Jews and Gentiles could approach the throne of YAHveh, had come to an end. ...

The righteousness of His name which brought mercy and deliverance will bring the power of His righteous indignation and divine judgments. ...

YAHveh's mercy will find ultimate fulfillment in cleansing the earth of everyone who has trampled the Lamb's blood under foot. The ark which had been the seat of the Lamb's mercy and forgiveness will become the seat of the Lion of the Tribe of Judah's vengeance and wrath.

YAHveh's sovereign judgments will pour out upon the whole earth, including the outer court of man's tainted religious systems. Many professing, lukewarm believers in the Almighty will encounter the "Wrathful Lion" and not the "Loving Lamb" as He comes forth in fury to uphold the glory and honor of YAHveh's holy memorial-name and righteous commandments.


The prophet Zechariah was shown "A FLYING SCROLL; its length is twenty cubits and its width ten cubits [30 feet long by 15 feet wide]" (Zec 5:2). This scroll contained the truths, commandments and righteous decrees of the Holy One of Israel as spoken through the words of His prophets and scribes. These words and visions had been sealed and hidden from man's understanding until the time of the end.

The Almighty had shown Zechariah the scroll (the holy scriptures) opening as the seals were broken in order for its contained mysteries to be revealed in the last days. Through His mercy, the unsealed scroll would be magnified to such huge dimensions that no man could plead ignorant of its contents.


The Saul Generation

Throughout the ages, the church has been lacking the full measure of the glory and presence of the Almighty. Christianity is not standing as a bright beacon in this dark and decaying world. In these last days, the church has become quite accomplished at bringing the message of salvation. However, it has not been overwhelmingly successful in bringing multitudes out of darkness.

As we have seen, the body of Messiah has fallen prey to the doctrines and traditions of men. These have given way to the darkness of apathy, complacency, lukewarmness and discontent. Empty forms of religion have evolved, becoming increasingly offensive and repulsive, rather than glorious and appealing, to the multitudes.

12 Tribes of Israel