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Denomination:  100 Lirot

Size: 180 x 90 mm.

Dominant Color: Blue.

Obverse: Portrait of Dr. Theodor Herzl; the denomination "One Hundred Israeli Pounds" and; "Bank of Israel" in Hebrew.

Reverse: Emblem of the State of Israel surrounded by the emblems of the twelve tribes; "Bank of Israel" in Hebrew, English and Arabic.

Watermark: Profile of Theodor Herzl.

Security Thread: On the left-hand side of the note.

Color of Serial Numbering:
Black. -Pick 037a and 037c
Red-Pick 037b
Brown (March 1974) -Pick 037d

Governor of the Bank David Horowitz
Chairman of the Advisory Council Y. Chorin.

Design: Prof. Masino Bessi, Italy and H.J. Bard, Britain.

Printer: JEZ(w/o Imprint)

Note Dated: 1968 / 5728

Date of  Issue:February 27, 1969.

Issuing Bank: Bank of Israel

Series: 3rd Pound Series

Demonetized: March 31, 1984.

Pick Number: P-037

Note: In the series with red serial numbering (Pick 037b) Herzl's profile in the watermark is different (3/4 profile). Part of the series with black numbering (Pick 037c) has no letter affixed and the security thread is on the right hand side.